half of the proceeds will go toward technology addiction research & charities
approach life as if each second counts /it does/
create cool shit /utilize time purposefully/ & compound /take advantage of time/
about the art
time is the most valuable asset we have, yet too often we only realize that when we have little left. the overly-digitized world, where new technology finds innovative ways to capture even more of our attention, makes wasting time both addictive and socially acceptable. just think about how much time we have lost to social media during the pandemic, when we had no ability to interact with others in real life. now try to imagine what the world is going to look like in just the next ten years. most of us will be spending the vast majority of our lives in the digital universe. preserving the scarcest resource will be one of the biggest and most important challenges. so we created this tokenized digital clock to constantly remind ourselves of how valuable each second is
the life of the clock is 73.4 years, which corresponds to the WHO’s latest global life expectancy at birth. the center represents a heart, with 60 constant beats per minute. each area accounts for a decade of life, gradually being filled in with red as life progresses, starting with the outermost area, and moving toward the center. as in life, when we are young, a year takes up a larger fraction of life, creating an illusion that time passes by at a slower pace. the older we get, the faster time seems to move and the scarcer it gets, hence the smaller areas to be filled. the last area, in which the heart is beating, represents the remaining 3.4 years. when the clock becomes completely filled with red, the heart stops beating -- the life ends and a new one is created -- the cycle repeats. the sign above the clock also "dies" gradually, over the same lifespan as the clock. starting from the back, each letter is progressively erased until there are none left. additionally, the sign gradually fades out each day, hour by hour, and reappears after 24 hours to remind us that each day is an opportunity to start anew, yet with less time left, hopefully pushing us to do more with what's left. lastly, the number below the clock shows how many seconds remain in the life of the clock
the creator is aida
the NFT is a HTML file with javascript
NFT code 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e
*the artwork is optimized for webkit browsers such as Chrome and slight visual differences might occur in different browsers